Decisions on social justice

Social justice is the first track. We are facing real losses. Covering up those losses or inflating them would be a crime. Losses must be distributed, which is what is actually happening, but such distribution must be fair, in contrast to what is prevailing. Even a fair distribution would not be a sweet endeavor; rather, it would be quite bitter. A fair distribution means that not all people will face the same burden: more would be imposed on those who can tolerate a larger share and much more on those who should be charged because of their assault on people’s money (public money) or their infringement on the environment. There are those, on the other hand, who cannot bear any losses at all, and they must be guaranteed basic rights even if the burden becomes heavier on others. Thus, the government, through its exceptional legislative powers, would establish universal health coverage and free basic education for all its residents. This will not only ensure the cohesion of society but will also strengthen the dignity of the people and will establish the legitimacy of and need for the state.

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