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The commodification of Higher Education From the United Kingdom to Lebanon: cases of academic challenges that unveil underlying political tragedies

May 25, 2022/by نجيب حمادة

Death Boats: The Sectarian Regime’s Most Salient Gifts

April 25, 2022/by نجيب حمادة

Another Opportunity for Lebanon

April 15, 2022/by نجيب حمادة

The union uprising

We call on all engineers, across the entire political and confessional spectrum, and union members in general, to act in wisdom and courage in this delicate and historic moment. After celebrating this electoral victory, we call on them to join us in our political struggle, which aims to impose a transitional government that would stop the collapse and build the foundations of a civil state.
July 2, 2021/by نجيب حمادة

Transition and Rupture

We will continue to deploy our efforts to convince those who are supposed to be our partners of the urgency and the need to strengthen this alternative rather than prepare for random elections. In the meantime, as a party, we continue to work towards strengthening the alternative and we call on all citizens who are ready to shoulder their responsibilities to join and/or support us.
February 11, 2021/by Mounir Doumani

Lebanon: what happens when a ruling class goes unchecked

The current financial crisis and political crisis were predicted back in 2018 by Charbel Nahas, former minister and current General Secretary of the vibrant young movement ”Citizens within a State”. Nahas tried to warn “our” heads of state and the ruling class, to no avail.
August 21, 2020/by Mounir Doumani

Rania Masri: All the Lebanese sectarian leaders are responsible for the catastrophic explosion

August 16, 2020/by Mounir Doumani

Lebanon: “An American-Iranian negotiation is happening behind the scenes”

We are trying to bring out a radical and structured alternative. We are talking with retired generals to have a voice that stops a possible engagement of the army in a security arrangement.
August 13, 2020/by Mounir Doumani

‘Citizens in a State’, an alternative plan

We are heading towards a dangerous and dark place, and this will put the leaders in front of two options, either negotiate a peaceful transfer of power through a transitional phase, or face violence and loss
August 1, 2020/by Mounir Doumani

Who are we?

The household, the neighborhood, the quarter, the city, the region, the continent, the globe! Where does the community start and stop?
June 29, 2020/by Mounir Doumani

Charbel Nahas: Building a civil state in Lebanon is our project

Although eight months have passed since October 17, the Lebanese people still need to understand what has really happened. Many have lost their jobs and the Lebanese Pound has lost much of its value. But many, including the elites, are yet unaware that the six sectarian leaders who are now repositioning are responsible for what has happened. Grasping what’s happening takes time.
June 25, 2020/by Mounir Doumani

Secretary-General of “Citizens in a State” to Al Sharq: The Lebanese Regime Has Fallen

All of the above finally led citizens to take the streets in protest on October 17, 2019 as a reaction to express their refusal of what’s happening. This will be the topic of this discussion’s second and final part.
June 24, 2020/by Mounir Doumani

Our society is suffocating

Our society is su ocating and we need to intervene collectively and immediately.
June 18, 2020/by Mounir Doumani

Lebanon’s economic crisis threatens to destroy its middle class

But the exodus also deprived the country of its most-qualified professionals, something Mr Nahas feared would happen again now as employment opportunities disappeared. “This would mean maybe for 40 [or] 50 years a dramatic change in the structure of the society,” said Mr Nahas. “This is much more severe and persistent than accounting losses.”
June 16, 2020/by Mounir Doumani

Expecting the collapse: Meet Lebanon’s young political party ready to take power

Catching up with him a year and a half later, he corrects me. His party Mouwatinoun wa Mouwatinat fi Dawla (Citizens in a State) aren’t waiting for Lebanon to collapse – they are expecting it.

He said “waiting” seemed passive.

“Only in moments of crisis, political or economic, can you change the power structure,” he told me during our meeting in Beirut in 2019.

I remember nodding politely, perhaps in my own naivety as a fresh journalist only in her first few months working in Beirut, with a shallow understanding of the depth of the country’s problems or the fragility of the political bedrock.
June 6, 2020/by Mounir Doumani

Lebanon is out of Time and Dollars

January 21, 2020/by Mounir Doumani

Sectarian Leaders are Facing a Historic Responsibility

November 19, 2019/by Mounir Doumani

Lebanon is at a crossroads between a new start or a return to unrest

October 27, 2019/by Mounir Doumani