Formation of a cohesive society and of an economy with defenses and balanced relations with respect to the outside

After acknowledging the reality of the situation and limiting the consequences of the bankruptcy, the transition to the third stage would begin. This stage would be aimed at reconstituting a cohesive society around a legitimate state, instead of a coalition of anxious sects, and a fortified economy instead of an economy of begging and lying. The lack of social cohesion and economic strength since the 1970s is precisely what established, after the civil war, the failed power system that is crumbling today and the consequent bankruptcy that has been gathering steam since the end of the 1990s and has become the reality today that pushed people out into the streets. To address the causes of failing society’s defenses precedes the need to end the street protests and manage the bankruptcy.

This is not a task for technicians, experts, or technocrats, who may be used as masks of the de facto power system that led to all the prevailing disasters. Rather, such an undertaking should stem from a historical political decision that must be fortified by the solid legitimacy of erecting a civil state: the first civil state in this East.

The mission falls under three headings.

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