The regional and international dimension of transformation in Lebanon

Our political project, which we are presenting today in a clear and detailed way, is a Rescue project for Lebanon. It is also a project for the region, which is living one of its worst experiences of civil wars, social explosions, and fragmentations. The civil state project in Lebanon and in the region, starting with Syria and Iraq, is a fortification for societies from internal tyranny and civil wars and a protection from the always-present threat of external hegemony. It is the fundamental contrast of the Zionist project. This regional dimension is a Lebanese responsibility that does not stem from a Lebanese preference, but rather from the clear fact that Lebanon has already lived through civil war and domination of warlords since the end of the civil war, before the rest of the region by three or four decades.

This regional dimension, in return, provides considerable regional momentum for a just and capable civil state project in Lebanon. This dimension, if exploited politically, is poised to restore the region to play its natural role in the world and to restore its balance, rather than being taken over first by the Zionist enemy and imperialism and then by the conflict between other states in the region.

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