The issue of our enmity with Israel

To regard one as an enemy is not a linguistic matter; rather, enormous burdens are born by those who are committed to it. Enmity is not serious if it were not justified by reasons and objectives. We, in the political movement of Citizens in a State (Mouwatinoun wa Mouwatinat fi Dawla), regard the Zionist entity as a direct manifestation of imperialism. It performs a vital regional function for imperialism by aiming to recruit the capabilities of jews around the world as part of a racist, hostile, religious project. Our enmity towards it does not depend on an occupied area of land, which may be ‘resolved’, or on the criminal injustice inflicted against the Palestinian people, which some of its representatives may succumb to oppression and thus accept it. Rather, our enmity stems from the fact that, as a political project, Zionism contradicts the legitimacy of the state, the civil state, that alone can frame and protect the interests of our society. Thus, it becomes a genuine enemy. The Zionist project treats societies in general as sects and power networks, and treats our region as strategic straits and oil, and continuously persists in undermining the internal legitimacy of political regimes, especially the modern nation type, and strengthens racist currents therein (even in Western societies), and extorts regimes and rulers.

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