The transition and how it can be achieved

As for the transition and how it may occur, first we say that the transition must be peaceful because we know the country’s internal and neighboring conditions.  What does this mean?

It means that the de facto power that has been functionally rendered inoperative is still holding large parts of our society. The pressure on it must continue, and it is continuing by virtue of the accelerating bankruptcy: pressure by constraint, demonstrations, and the actualities. Pressure is also maintained by presenting an alternative political discourse, and putting each of the leaders – five or six or seven – in front of their historical responsibilities and presenting them with a choice between two options. After their best illusory option is gone, which is to maintain the regime they have created, they would have two choices: either violence and loss, or negotiating a peaceful transfer of power through a transitional phase according to the specific political formula that we present in this document.

We all know each other’s situation. We are all the children of this country. We know and embrace our responsibility. We are ready for the management of the dreaded legacy. We want a peaceful transition, that is, negotiation, but on the terms of this transition. We defined our basic choices, and we do not confuse causes and consequences. Even if it were not identical to the familiar images of the authority over the past few decades, but the responsibility of each of those leaders is enormous today, and it is rapidly inflating with the fall of their denials. The race today is between their certainty of this responsibility and the deteriorating financial, social and security realities.

Because Hezbollah is the largest force today, and because it is also a target, we state that we disagree with Hezbollah because it is an active participant in this system, and we have a fundamental difference regarding the internal political approach. We believe that today, by using all its credit – which is great – to protect the dwindling political system, it faces and prevents the chance of a serious rescue opportunity of society.  It is the strongest amongst its allies; it is from Hezbollah that they derive their electoral and political power, albeit with a louder voice. We fundamentally disagree with these allies – such as the Amal Movement and the Free Patriotic Movement – just as we fundamentally disagree with the forces that are trying to confiscate the street after they jumped out of government with their resignation even while they remain at the heart of the political power system through their sectarian position — such as the Lebanese Forces, the Progressive Socialist Party and the Future Movement.

Today, we state that we are ready to discuss our political undertaking with anyone who believes that we all need to be responsible for the country, that our tragedies are not inevitable, and that participation is a duty. This responsibility lies on the shoulders of political parties, personalities, and the forces that see the threat in the future of our society. We stand to take the initiative, nonetheless.

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