Inventory of available resources

Any plan must start with knowing reality. As of yet, we have no actual knowledge of our country’s assets and liabilities. We need to know what we have in terms of money, gold, and loans, as well as what we owe. The goal of the inventory is to identify the available resources to provide society’s essential needs and to rebuild the economy. By identifying our financial needs, the inventory is also the first step to any potential negotiations with foreign and domestic lenders. The façade government headed by Hassan Diab did not identify the state’s actual assets but produced a report proposing that they be distributed in a manner that is neither fair nor purposeful. Similarly, the “truth-finding” committee, in which representatives of the six sectarian leaders participated and was headed by a deputy from the Free Patriotic Movement, concealed the true losses which in turn led to even heavier societal costs that could have been avoided if those in power had a clear plan.