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Financial Liaising

The banking system collapsed and with it the central bank. The fundamental question: what functions must financial intermediation fulfill during the transition period? And what banking sector does Lebanon need? […]

Negotiating with the IMF

After the IMF mission held 14 meetings with the Lebanese government team, two official statements were issued stating that the government’s plan represents a good starting point for ongoing negotiations, […]

Facade government program

The government estimated the losses based on budgets, so its estimates differed between the successive versions of its program, and formula No. 41 adopted the number 83 billion dollars, while […]

Social transformation

In light of this political and economic system that began in the mid-1980s, the country witnessed massive immigration and the number of arrivals to Lebanon increased. The number of Lebanese […]

Public Finance

Two periods must be distinguished: The first period, between 1993 and 1997, witnessed primary deficits averaging 8% of GDP. The second era came after 2001, when the primary deficits did […]