It is time for decisions

Today, Alain Bifani, Director General at the Ministry of Finance, submitted his resignation.

Ten days ago, Henri Chaoul announced that he was resigning as advisor to the Minister of Finance. Both contributed to the elaboration of the so-called “government rescue plan”. Both believed that the façade government was appointed to face the collapse.  Both came to the same conviction: technical choices are useless in facing the acute, deep and unprecedented crisis. Time is not without a cost. All those who hold influential positions, particularly in the government but also in the administration, judicial or security systems, are accountable for breaking with a compromised regime of impotent and failed sectarian leaders, by adopting the only effective political project today, which is to build a secular state that confronts the consequences and causes of the financial and economic bankruptcy and transforms citizens from victims of that bankruptcy into builders of a better future for the society, despite the major sacrifices involved. The power of the six leaders, each in his own situation and with his own capabilities, is unable to face the challenges, due to the nature of this sectarian power. These leaders cannot deal with society as a society and with the exterior as exterior.  We, in the movement “Citizens in a State”, together with others, renew the call for negotiations for a peaceful transfer of power, to a transitional government with legislative prerogatives, for a period of 18 months that will confront the causes and consequences of bankruptcy, and that will establish the foundations of the only effective state for Lebanon, the secular civil state.