The Good Tidings of Assigning Mikati

A few days after the end of a new cycle of tribal conflict on the formation of the government between sects, labeled as parties, and after “parting of the lovers” to conceal their helplessness and evade responsibilities,

A few days from the commemoration of the August 4 criminal explosion, a crime that is ongoing to date,

Rather than witnessing political accountability for the lost months, the hideous and destructive financial policies, and the wasted money in the quota bazaars in forming the government,

Rather than witnessing judicial accountability for the crime of bombing the port,

We witness that the leaders are not satisfied with inventing tricks in order not to lift the formal immunities to protect their proponents from any accountability. By heading into nominating Najib Mikati to form a new government, they, somewhat, are inviting us to a new chapter of the continuing crime against the lives and funds of the whole community.

In addition to the de facto immunities that are used to step on the blood of the victims of the port, the club of the so-called “former prime ministers” further indulged in insolence by recommending Mikati “in order to implement reforms”. Considering that if these reforms had been implemented, some of the members of this club would have been in prison, including Fouad Siniora, who proposed the waiver of the State’s sovereign immunity before the New York Courts at the issuance of the Eurobond. Subsequently, the House of Representatives, concerned about immunities, sovereignty and public funds, approved this proposal. Next, Mufti Derian backed up Siniora through drawing red lines.

It should be noted that the ship loaded with ammonium nitrate entered the port of Beirut in the fall of 2013, when the government was headed by Mr. Najib Mikati. However, this did not prevent the Maronite Patriarch from preaching that justice will not be achieved and that the Lebanese people should find their consolation with the formation of the government.

And since these reforms will not start by filling the prisons, neither for the crime of the port, nor by those who have bankrupted the country starting with the aforementioned club and those from outside, it may begin with the restitution of the 500 dollars by Mr. Mikati imposed by his telecommunication company (of which he owned a third) on each subscriber between 1995 and 2002, as an income to exempt the investors from a large part of investments they claimed they brought from their pockets to alleviate the burden of the network’s setup upon the Lebanese, according to the BOT formula.  People considered them as deposits to cover their bills in case they were not paid. The value of this “income” amounted to 55 million dollars. Its value today, based on interest rates on dollar deposits, has since been $160 million.