Blood Guardians

Not an accident, it’s a crime.

A crime in every sense of the word, against more than a hundred martyrs, thousands of wounded, hundreds of thousands of those affected, millions of Lebanese and residents.

Every citizen who has not yet given up is the guardian of blood.

The crime is clear.  The victims are clear. The criminals are clear.

The technical details of the course of the explosion, despite its importance, are nothing but the thunderbolt that ignited it, and the criminals are the leaders of the sects first, and their networks of leaders and associates secondly, and everyone who still clings to them as leaders third.

We are the victims and the people of solace. But we will no longer accept that we continue as victims. Our role is to save society, the whole society.

Of course, all the condolences go out to the families of the martyrs and the injured in their bodies and properties, and most importantly in their future and their dignity as human beings, but we will not allow our sadness and anxiety to turn into despair, and we will turn it into a sweeping anger that sweeps the remnants of their fallen regime.

There is no trust in them to investigate the responsibilities, nor with their opponents from within the system to open the way for wide external interference as a matter of “international investigation”. Do not trust them for anything. Do not trust them to care for anyone, because they are failures and powerless, and because they are criminals.

We approached them previously to engage in a negotiated peaceful transfer of power. They were deafening. Well, our blood on their hands, today, is our weapon.

What we defend, that is, our dignity as human beings on this earth, is much more precious than what you fear losing, i.e. your authority over people in the name of the sect and its rights

Your goal is as clear as a wolf’s eye: our submission, and our shame.

Our goal is as clear as the sun, to save society from your inability and failure, and thus from your crime.

We are citizens, and we will build an actual state, that is, a civil state.

Your failure and impotence are limitations in your hands and on your sight, but our knowledge, our freedom, and our audacity is a beacon on our path.