Statement on the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people in Jerusalem and Gaza

Israeli acts of oppression and violence by the state and settlers against the   reflect the racist nature of the Zionist project and its aggressive function, and demonstrate the need to resist it and to refuse to submit to its ends. In view of the ongoing tragedy and the continuing historical injustice against the Palestinians, and in the face of the systematic campaign of repression and violence by the occupation rulers and their partners in response to narrow domestic political interests, we cannot but appreciate all forms of resistance to this reality.

We believe that for resistance to serve its purpose and for its sacrifices to bear fruit, it needs to be translated into a political project. It is no longer acceptable that the Palestinian situation continues to be torn between an “authority” established on a gamble that has fallen and ended, and resistance organizations captured in the position of justified reactions.

The aggression against the people of Palestine is a reminder to all those who have forgotten, or are forgetting, the need for Lebanon to have military deterrence capabilities. The aggression is also a reminder that Zionism is an existential antithesis to the dignity of the individual and society, and to the legitimacy of the civil state that our society (in Lebanon) needs to frame its interests in the light of fragmentation and submission.

We are inspired by the strength and determination of the Palestinian resistance today to maintain the struggle in defeating the Zionist project and building a trustful, capable and wise state policy that will reinforce its society.


I know that this is the term that was used in Arabic but it sounds even worse in English.  The people of Jerusalem and Gaza are Palestinians, not separate people. So I will change it.