Societal change vs. regime change

Society is in continuous transformation

As mentioned earlier, authority draws its legitimacy from the consent, at a certain pivotal moment, for certain power relationships within a society. However, since the society that bestowed this legitimacy is in continuous transformation, a regime is compelled to assert that this society is fixed and constant to ensure its own continuity.

Do elections change power systems?

Contrary to common belief, elections do not change a power system; it merely renews its legitimacy. Irrespective of who wins elections, society consents to its representatives from within the current power system that holds these elections.

How then do power systems change?

Power systems change either by imposition of a foreign power or due to internal crises. The latter takes place when a power system’s operational legitimacy is undermined by its inability to accept the political repercussions of the choices it needs to make. These are fundamental crises which if ignored would disintegrate society and lead to violence.