Centralized structure of the movement

The party adopts a pragmatic approach based on critical thinking and structural organization to serve its main goals. To maintain agility and effectiveness the party opted for a centralized decision-making process through which the executive committee makes key decisions and sets the party’s main direction.

Lebanon is currently in a transitional period that requires swift and effective political actions. The secretary general is elected by the party’s general committee for a three-year term that can be renewed only once. The secretary general in turn appoints the executive committee.

The general committee also elects the council of representatives which supports the executive committee and oversees the activities of the diverse sections within the party. The council assesses performance by noting successes and challenges within workgroups, and by liaising with the executive committee to improve the effectiveness of the party’s activity. The council represents the members of the party who have individually agreed on the party’s common political vision prior to accepting any executive responsibility within the party.

A core principle of the party is the concept of the actively engaged working member. All members are working members who:

  • Agree to the party’s internal rules and sign the membership request.
  • Declare their personal income and net worth and pay their dues.

Accept the work delegated to them and deliver effectively and reliably.