Funding of the movement

Self-funding is a core principle of Citizens in a State. Being self-funded allows the party to be politically independent and prevents outside interference in its decision making. All members of the party are required to declare their income and net worth to the secretary general who then calculates the membership fee that each must pay. Membership fees are calculated as follows:

  • 1% for the portion of income within the minimum wage and 2% for any position of income above the minimum wage. This is calculated based on the minimum wage in the country where the member lives.
  • Plus, one thousandth of the member’s net worth (assets minus liabilities).

This scheme for calculating membership fees reflects the Party’s vision on bracket taxation and wealth tax.

The party also accepts donations from members and supporters. Any donation that exceeds 10% of the party’s budget requires authorization from the party’s council of representatives before it gets accepted.