What are you doing to impose a negotiation on a peaceful transition of power?

To make our position clear, it is worthwhile to look into the movement’s methodology and approach to political action. “Citizens in a State” believes that the socio-political regime we’re trying to change, is not static, as it has the potential to overcome internal contradictions and external pressures within certain limits. Indeed, until now, it has managed to absorb the waste crisis, as well as the October uprising, despite international and regional shifts. Therefore, the change cannot be the result of technical work based on so-called business plans and programs, but rather the consequence of organized political confrontation aimed at predicting and utilizing these internal contradictions and external pressures, to our favor.

Therefore, “Citizens in a State” is committed to a clear, rigorous approach, as well as a pragmatic, effective, and realistic strategy concerning the choice of spaces of action.

The spaces that the movement chose to participate in since its founding in 2016, are the following:

  • The Municipal Elections, to present an alternative political project, at a time when the regime in power started to feel cornered by the financial pressures and preoccupied with internal disagreements,
  • The Parliamentary Elections Law: by launching the “Civil State” Campaign through which the movement tried to start building alliances, as well as trying to infiltrate the political system while the different actors were still unable to agree on an election law.
  • The Parliamentary Elections, which was a chance to breach the expected, previously agreed-on results, after the existing political actors had charted a convenient electoral law,
  • The Free Trade and Teachers Unions Solidarity Funds, where the movement worked on pushing for measures to preserve their savings, pressure the regime, and secure a seat at the negotiation table when the expected economic crisis would begin,
  • Forming a united opposition centered around a clear project to transform the October Uprising into a political force to implement the project,
  • Working with military retirees in particular, as well as civil service retirees, in order to pressure the régime after their pension’s value disappears.

After encountering major difficulties while trying to form a united political front, we determined that building our own potential and knowledge is the best strategy in this delicate phase, while at the same time, continuing to monitor shifts at the national and international levels. We are also witnessing that a number of prominent, credible, figures are breaking away from the system in search of an alternative, as well as signs of a shift in the attitude of some external powers towards the sectarian leaders. Today, we are constantly trying to impact these events to benefit from them and improve the chances of the implementation of our project.