Saad Hariri tasked with the formation of a government!

22 Oct, 2020

If the blood of the victims of the Beirut explosion wasn’t still boiling, asking for justice from the criminals, whether they were negligent or actively responsible, we would laugh.

If we weren’t seeing our fates, and the fate of our parents and children heading towards an even deeper collapse, we would laugh.

If it was not for all what we are, with many Lebanese, going through, we would laugh.

The anger in our hearts, however, is only matched by the insolence and criminality of the people who got us to this situation.

If they fail in forming a government, due to their everlasting fight over their shares of the pie, they will not only be consuming, but also wasting precious time during which the crisis will increase in intensity, the subsidies will be lifted on essential goods, while no responsibility for these decisions is assumed by any politician.

And if they succeed in forming a government, after brokering a deal on their shares of the pie, they will be squandering any remaining resources and state assets, meaning all public property, under illusionary slogans such as; “protecting deposits” that were stolen, or: “facing the crisis”.

We will not accept that our anger turns into despair, as they are hoping it would. We will confront their failure and impotence, with the optimism of the will in face of the pessimism of reality.

We will confront their criminal failure and impotence with all the anger and the determination we have.

Our proposal is to impose negotiation over a peaceful transition of power, towards a salvation government with exceptional legislative powers, but that does not mean that we will remain silent on their continuous destruction of the present and the future.

We are citizens working with others, to build a real State, a Civil State.

“Citizens in a State” Movement