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To Sayed Hassan Nasrallah: The Withdrawal in Favor of the Real Opposition Saves Lebanon

First of all, just as a reminder, we’re not concerned with what the French president is saying, nor the U.S. administration, or anyone else in Saudi Arabia and Iran. We are also not involved in what you have said about the club of former prime ministers, and they were your partners in power and you are still meditating on their own good and a renewed partnership with them.

Regime of Bankruptcy and Indecision

The repercussions of bankruptcy are evident, day after day, and their indisputable gravity is represented by the slide in the dollar’s price and its nearly five-fold rise since October 2019. This is reflected in the prices of goods and products and the purchasing power of the citizens, the closure of additional institutions, the rise of unemployment, and the degradation of public services and their quality as well, such as electricity and communications, in addition to the deterioration of basic sectors, especially health and education.