We suspect that these efforts are seeking to recreate the events of 1992 when the announcement to float the price of the Lebanese Lira in preparations for the elections, which brought into power the first of the troika governments led by Rafik Hariri, positioned as a rescue government.

Rather than witnessing political accountability for the lost months, the hideous and destructive financial policies, and the wasted money in the quota bazaars in forming the government,
Rather than witnessing judicial accountability for the crime of bombing the port,
We witness that the leaders are not satisfied with inventing tricks in order not to lift the formal immunities to protect their proponents from any accountability. By heading into nominating Najib Mikati to form a new government, they, somewhat, are inviting us to a new chapter of the continuing crime against the lives and funds of the whole community.

Because the families of the victims are the first to be stricken by this tragedy that has affected the entire society, on August 4, 2021, as Citizens in a State movement, we will be by their side to comfort their sorrows and support their actions to lift immunities, all immunities, starting with political and security immunities and not stopping at religious ones, whose objective is to cover past crimes and future tragedies for more blood and tears.

Today, we declare our solidarity with the victims’ families and our participation in their actions to put pressure on this inept, criminal, and fragile authority. No justice can be served as long as this authority exists. We promise them that we will continue to politically confront the current illegitimate authority, in order to transform the accumulated misfortunes of our society into sacrifices. Sacrifices that build a State which derives its legitimacy from the adoption of civil, social, and legal rights of citizens, thus ensuring them a dignified life. This will transform the crime of the fourth of August from a tragedy into a founding event in the construction of a new Lebanon.

The gold reserves are all that is left for this society to build an economy that provides a dignifying life for all of us and to establish a civil state that protects all of our interests as citizens.

Zionism is a global political project that has raised an army. The army then founded a state. And the state created a society. This society, in its material manifestation and perception, is turning into a burden on the state, the army, and the Zionist project itself.

نكرّر أن التعامل مع النتائج عوضًا عن الأسباب الحقيقية لهذه المواجهات، واعتبار ما حدث هو “مؤامرة خارجية” يتسبّب بالمزيد من تدهور الواقع الاجتماعي والأمني في العاصمة اللبنانية الثانية وصولاً الى تدمير المجتمع.

Loqman Slim’s assassination is an unjustifiable condemned crime. No normal person or responsible political party can but start by clearly condemning this crime.