First of all, just as a reminder, we’re not concerned with what the French president is saying, nor the U.S. administration, or anyone else in Saudi Arabia and Iran. We are also not involved in what you have said about the club of former prime ministers, and they were your partners in power and you are still meditating on their own good and a renewed partnership with them.

No one was expecting from the government of Mustapha Adib to change the failed and incompetent system of the sects’ parties. The only hope was to organize another “begging” event from the donors, in order to prevent Lebanon’s financial situation and economy from falling off the cliff.

The crime is clear.  The victims are clear. The criminals are clear.

From the brink of people’s despair, we meet today to confirm that hope exists in this country.

From the clarity of the failure of the delusional mighty, we declare the power of will.

The repercussions of bankruptcy are evident, day after day, and their indisputable gravity is represented by the slide in the dollar’s price and its nearly five-fold rise since October 2019. This is reflected in the prices of goods and products and the purchasing power of the citizens, the closure of additional institutions, the rise of unemployment, and the degradation of public services and their quality as well, such as electricity and communications, in addition to the deterioration of basic sectors, especially health and education.

We, in the movement “Citizens in a State”, together with others, renew the call for negotiations for a peaceful transfer of power, to a transitional government with legislative prerogatives, for a period of 18 months that will confront the causes and consequences of bankruptcy, and that will establish the foundations of the only effective state for Lebanon, the secular civil state.

Amidst the tragedies that have afflicted the Syrian society, after the tragedy afflicted the Iraqi society and the Libyan society, and which now presents clouds  over the Lebanese society, and without forgetting the terrible injustice that has afflicted the Palestinian society, where does Lebanon stand?

Poor Hassan Diab’s government: Bankruptcy was announced in its time. The capital control law fell on its shoulders, and when the enormity of its effects emerged, its authors renounced it and from it. The smuggling of Amer al-Fakhouri fell on its head, and the coming Corona tragedies will hit it.

In the past few days, we have witnessed an increase in violence in the streets: violence by security forces against the protestors; violence by groups claiming allegiance to political parties in positions of authority against the uprising; and violence by certain groups claiming to be part of the uprising against the security forces. This scene ranged from Jal El Dib to Riad El Solh and Martyrs’ squares, and to Sidon, Nabatieh, Kfar-Roumman, and other areas.